📑 Wiki.js

Wiki.js is F/OSS Wiki system with advanced features, excellent documentation, and lots of ecosystem and community support.

The most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software

If you're managing shared information for your team, you should give Wiki.js (code) a try. Wiki.js provides wiki software that is powerful, extensible and easy to self-host.

Wiki.js homepage (https://js.wiki)

Organizations both large and small trust Wiki.js (and Requarks which builds F/OSS applications for teams), and Wiki.js has 19.5k stars on Github – quite the successful project!

As you might imagine, Wiki.js has great documentation that's built with Wiki.js – for both version 1.x and 2.x (great for long term support). In addition to being well documented, Wiki.js also provides many extensions points and modules, so it's easy to connect it to the services and programs you're already using.

One nice feature that's somewhat rare is that Wiki.js actually comes with a GraphQL API, so it could be used as a CMS or be automated so you can spend less time making manual edits.

Running Wiki.js

Wiki.js has a official docker image (powered by Github Container Registry) and is very easy to get started with:

docker run \
  -p 8080:3000 \
  --name wiki \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  -e "DB_TYPE=postgres" \
  -e "DB_HOST=db" \
  -e "DB_PORT=5432" \
  -e "DB_USER=wikijs" \
  -e "DB_PASS=wikijsrocks" \
  -e "DB_NAME=wiki" \

See the Docker platform getting started guide for more information about all the toggles and what you can configure on Wiki.js.