WG UI is a web application developed by Embark Studios that makes configuring Wireguard (the modern, secure VPN server) incredibly easy. If you're running wireguard for your VPN, consider checking it out.

🚀 Project of the day: WG UI

wg-ui/wireguard-ui.png at main · EmbarkStudios/wg-ui
WireGuard Web UI for self-serve client configurations, with optional auth. - wg-ui/wireguard-ui.png at main · EmbarkStudios/wg-ui

Wireguard is a modern, secure and fast VPN built into the linux kernel. Wireguard and continues to be the best new solution for modern secure VPN tunnels today.

By default, Wireguard does not come with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and WG UI (embarkstudios/wg-ui) was created by Embark Studios to fill that gap.


With WG UI, you can more easily set up and configure your Wireguard VPN server and clients – a must for the busy server administrator or self-hoster. Can't enter the wrong command if you're clicking around instead!

If you're running wireguard as a VPN and managing it manually from the terminal, consider running WG UI and making it easier to connect and manage your devices.