Weblate offers Free and Open Source translations and localization for your project! With a well standardized codebase (Django) and hosting if you need it Weblate is very easy to use *and* contribute to.

🚀 Project of the day: Weblate

Weblate - web-based localization
Copylefted libre software, used by over 2,500 libre software projects and companies in over 165 countries.

Weblate (code) makes it easy to translate a website or project. Offering a very visually appealing and and easy to use UI, you can manage translations for different parts of your work:

Weblate interface (source: https://weblate.org/en/features/)

Weblate is based on Django, a well-loved Python web framework which makes it both easy to contribute to and easy to manage/self-host – an easy choice for small and large teams.

If you'd like to get Weblate from the people that make it happen, check out Weblate's hosted offering!