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VuePress is a static site generator that's especially good at documentation, built by the creators of Vue. It's flexible, well-used and has great documentation.

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Vue-powered Static Site Generator

Building a static site? If you like and work with Vue, you should check out VuePress (code). While newer tooling like vitepress may get all the "press", VuePress is still a great stable choice for building good looking documentation sites:

Vuepress Homepage Screenshot

Wondering why you should choose VuePress over some other solutions? Like most high-quality projects, VuePress includes a section answering just that question. One important reason to choose VuePress over something like vitepress is plugin support.

The good documentation doesn't stop there, the Getting Started page is nice and easy to follow, along with instructions on handling common concerns like i18n, Markdown options, and deployment.

There's also an Awesome List for VuePress  that's worth checking out:

awesome-vuepress/v2.md at main · vuepress/awesome-vuepress
🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to VuePress - awesome-vuepress/v2.md at main · vuepress/awesome-vuepress

Getting started with VuePress

Like the rest of the Vue ecosystem, VuePress is really easy to get started with. Here is the minimal set of commands you could use to get started (assuming you're using pnpm)

mkdir vuepress-starter
cd vuepress-starter
pnpm init
pnpm add -D vuepress@next @vuepress/client@next vue
vuepress dev docs

See the official getting started guide for information (including set up of a git repo and common commands for your VuePress project).