🧮 Visidata

Visidata for slicing, dicing, analyzing and displaying your tabular data from the CLI. With support for many data sources and output formats, it's a true data multi-tool.

Open-source data multitool | VisiData
Command-line interactive multitool for tabular data.

Like to use spreadsheets and manage tabular data from the CLI? Visidata (code) is the tool for you.

Visidata example (source: www.visidata.org)

With support for a wide variety of input data (CSV, Excel, Numpy, SQLite DBs, Pandas data frames), and the need to convert your data into JSON/YAML, a graph, or simply view it in the terminal, VisiData is a multi-tool you'll love.

A scatterplot in Visidata (source: visidata.org)

Visidata is a multi-tool – this means it's very flexible and can do much more than the use-cases above on a wide variety of input and output formats. To fully use this tool, it's best to read some tutorials:

An Introduction to VisiData — An Introduction to VisiData

Visidata also has some case studies you can watch:

Visidata's documentation is excellent, so of course, that's a great place to start. Visidata is the kind of high quality F/OSS that pays off when you invest in it.

Running VisiData

Since VisiData is a command line tool all you need to do is install it. It's available via a wide variety of sources:

  • PYthon Package Index (PYPI) via pip3 install visidata
  • Homebrew on Mac OS via vrew install saulpw/vd/visidata
  • Arch via pacman -S visidata
  • Debian via apt install visidata