📜 Trac

Trac is F/OSS time-tested issue tracking and bug squashing tool. Use it to track bugs in your code, and help your team collaborate on fixes and build better software.

The Trac Project

Trac (code) is F/OSS bug management software that's been around a long time. In serving tons of projects and teams many features, bug-fixes and improvements have been added.

Trac is stable software ready for you and your team to use to find and fix bugs:

Trac active tickets (source: trac.edgewall.org)

Trac has excellent documentation, both for users and administrators. It's built with well-understood software – relational databases and Python, and it's got localization ("L10n")  built in.

Running Trac

While Trac isn't necessarily docker friendly, the deployment instructions are easy to follow, and result in a command that's fairly straight forward:

$ tracd --port 8000 /path/to/myproject

While there are some docker images in DockerHub, there's no official trac docker image. The most recent one seems to be ~2 years old:


Updating the Dockerfile for that project might be the best way to get started with trac.