An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.

Piped (code) is an alternative frontend to YouTube – a minimal frontend that gets you to the videos you want to watch, faster.

piped.video on 2022/11/29 (source: https://piped.video)

If you've been annoyed by the algorithm and constantly changing organization of the YouTube home page and search experience, consider trying Piped.

YouTube with an API

Piped also provides an API that makes it easy to automate your YouTube experience, without signing up for Google services and making API keys.

Here are just some of the endpoints:

  • /streams/:videoId
  • /comments/:videoId (& /nextpage/comments/:videoId)
  • /trending
  • /channel/:channelId
  • /c/:name
  • /user/:name
  • /sponsors/:videoId

Running/Self-Hosting Piped

Piped has an incredible amount of features but is easy to run and easy to self host. They even provide dedicated documentation for self hosters. Unfortunately the Docker repos aren't properly versioned (only latest is available), but the images used in the Github repo are available: