NocoDB is a F/OSS (AGPLv3) no-code Airtable alternative that has raised funding and is growing fast. With an expansive feature-set and good visuals, it's worth checking out!

🚀 Project of the day: NocoDB

NocoDB | Turns your SQL database into a Nocode platform. Free & Open Source.
Free & Open Source Airtable alternative. Turns any SQL database into a smart spreadsheet. Supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL server, MariaDB & SQLite.

NocoDB (code) is the open source Airtable alternative that recently raised 10.5MM USD in seed funding and is still Free and Open Source license. AGPLv3 isn't as permissive as something like Apache v2, but it fits the definition of Open Source.

NocoDB spreadsheet (source:

NocoDB is a solid entrant into a crowded category (with competitors we've covered like Baserow out there), and it's a great choice, with a great feature set and a very fast pace of development.

NocoDB also recently performed a huge overhaul of their UI to Vue 3, which was a welcome boost in usability and they continue to put out awesome features like Kanban View and Survey forms.