NATS core and NATS Jestream provide ephemeral and persistent message queues for applications. If you're looking for an alternatives to RabbitMQ or Kafka that is easy to run and cloud-native, look no further than NATS!

🚀 Project of the day: NATS
NATS is a connective technology powering modern distributed systems, unifying Cloud, On-Premise, Edge, and IoT.

NATS (code) is a cloud native message bus that can do it all – ephemeral messages (similar to RabbitMQ) and persistent logs with NATS Jetstream (similar to Kafka).

NATS features and website (source:

Built with Golang, NATS is highly performant, easy to deploy, and simple to use. NATS also has extensive documentation you can peruse.

Synadia, the lead corporate steward of NATS also offers enterprise support for NATS, along with hosted version of NATS that you can take advantage of.

If you're looking to set up messaging in your applications, NATS is a great addition to any application stack for queuing and messaging, check it out.