MicroMDM is an open source mobile device management server for Apple Devices.


MicroMDM (code) is a project that provides an open source mobile device management server for Apple devices.

The project has an active community with comprehensive docs.

MicroMDM documentation (source: https://micromdm.io/)

It’s important to note that MicroMDM is not a self-contained product. It’s a lower-level dependency that can be used to create a higher-level workflow. MicroMDM is self-hosted, has no Web UI, and no support for features like profile configuration, dynamic enrollment, or user authentication. The project expects those features to exist in a companion service.

MicroMDM is not a cost-cutting option. Its advantage is that it gives developers total control over a full set of Apple MDM commands and responses through an HTTP API. This allows an organization to build an MDM product highly customized to a specific environment.

So if you know (or want to learn) all the nuts and bolts of the Apple MDM implementation, and you don’t mind the responsibility of self-hosting, MicroMDM enables a secure and scalable MDM deployment for Apple Devices.

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MicroMDM is an open source mobile device management (MDM) server designed specifically for managing Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. It provides a range of features and functionalities to help administrators efficiently control and secure their Apple device fleet.

MicroMDM provides flexibility through its modular design and extensive API support. You can customize and extend its functionality to meet your specific requirements, integrating it with existing systems or building upon it to create tailored MDM solutions.

MicroMDM is an open-source project, meaning it benefits from contributions and collaboration from a community of developers and IT professionals. This fosters innovation, bug fixes, and improvements, ensuring the software stays up-to-date and adaptable to evolving needs.

Overall, MicroMDM is a powerful MDM solution for Apple devices, offering advanced customization, extensibility, and the advantages of an open-source community.

🌠 Features

  • API and Webhooks - MicroMDM allows configuration of an HTTP webhook URL to process device events and responses how you wish. Schedule commands with the API (MicroMDM uses Basic Auth for its rest API).
API and Webhooks (source: https://micromdm.io/)
  • Device Enrollment - MicroMDM has a built-in option for enrollment profiles that can be customized if needed. Or you can opt to use a separate enrollment service.
  • Profile Signing: The MicroMDM server does not composite or sign profiles for you. Instead, it gives you the option of providing a profile which you have signed through an external process, before uploading it to the server.

👟 Getting started with MicroMDM

To quickly get up and running with MicroMDM, first download the latest release. Copy the micromdm binary somewhere in your $PATH.

Next, run the server binary.

sudo micromdm serve \
  -server-url=https://my-server-url \
  -api-key MySecretAPIKey \
  -filerepo /path/to/pkg/folder \
  -tls-cert /path/to/tls.crt \
  -tls-key  /path/to/tls.key

Then, configure the mdmctl CLI utility, configure an APNS certificate, and restart the server.

See the official Quickstart Guide for detailed instructions and the Introduction for requirements for running MicroMDM.