MedusaJS is the open source Shopify alternative, helping you build eCommerce businesses with ease.

๐Ÿš€ Project of the day: MedusaJS

Medusa - the open source Shopify alternative
Leading open source e-commerce platform for javascript developers. An API-first composable commerce engine that lets you build custom and flexible e-commerce solutions

MedusaJS (code) is the open source Shopify alternative. Building a platform for buying and selling goods online has never been easier.

The admin interface is gorgeous and SaaS-grade, and gets you started quickly:

Medusa Store demo screenshot (

With over 10k stars on GitHub, Medusa is quite loved by the community and ready to help you build your next eCommerce project.

If you're part of a medium to large enterprise using Medusa, make sure to check out their Premium Support.