Manticore Search

Manticore Search is a F/OSS solution for search built in C++ that is blazing fast. With impressive benchmarks, an easy API and great documentation, it's a great choice for your next search project.

Manticore Search
Manticore Search is an easy to use open source fast database for search. Modern, fast, light-weight, outstanding full-text search capabilities

Manticore Search (code) is a F/OSS Search Engine built in C++ with some eye watering performance and efficiency.

Manticore claims to be reproducibly:

  • 182x faster than MySQL for small data
  • 29x faster than Elasticsearch for log analytics
  • 15x faster than Elasticsearch for small dataset
  • 5x faster than Elasticsearch for medium-size data
  • 4x faster than Elasticsearch for big data
  • up to 2x faster max throughput than Elasticsearch's for data ingestion on a single server

Quite impressive – and if you're worried about getting the most out of Manticore, there's also subscription-based paid support that you can take advantage of.

If you're building a new search project, you owe it to yourself to give Manticore a try!