Listmonk is mailing list manager software that looks great and scales to millions of subscribers. Used extensively by the mavericks at Zerodha, Listmonk represents a new generation of easy to operate F/OSS newsletter and mailing list management software.

🚀 Project of the day: Listmonk

listmonk - Free and open source self-hosted newsletter, mailing list manager, and transactional mails
Send e-mail campaigns and transactional e-mails. High performance and features packed into one app.

Listmonk provides F/OSS newsletter management, an alternative to Mailchimp, Postmark and other similar apps.

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Listmonk makes it easy to manage mailing lists, newsletters, and send out emails to many recipients. While Listmonk can't make it any easier to deliver your mail (you'll need to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC and other things for that), it makes it a breeze to manage newsletters.