💻 🤯 Awesome F/OSS #45

Shlink for shortening URLs, wireguard-ui for easy wireguard setup, and NodeRED for low-code plug/play/combine automation.

Three awesome Free and Open Source projects for you to check out this week:

Shlink — The URL shortener
The self-hosted and PHP-based URL shortener application with CLI and REST interfaces

Shlink (code) is a PHP-based self-hosted URL shortener. Tracking and analytics features for all the links you send out, in a F/OSS project that you can run on your own hardware.

🐲 ngoduykhanh/wireguard-ui

GitHub - ngoduykhanh/wireguard-ui: Wireguard web interface
Wireguard web interface. Contribute to ngoduykhanh/wireguard-ui development by creating an account on GitHub.

ngoduykhanh/wireguard-ui provides a wireguard UI that makes it easier to manage. Providing things like QR codes and the ability to email invites to people, it makes managing wireguard networks much easier than exclusively using the command line.

🔴 NodeRED


NodeRED (code) is a masisvely flexible low code automation framework. It runs on embedded devices, all the way up to the cloud, and makes it easy to plug, connect and run advanced functionality. NodeRED is a well known project with a massive community and ecosystem.


There's some great variation in this week! As always, thanks for reading, and make sure to support these projects (whether via  Github star, donations or word-of-mouth), and get more recognition to awesome projects.

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