💻 🤯 Awesome F/OSS #39

Rally for meetings, DuckDB for embedded analytics processing, and Trac to manage your bugs and document for your team. The breadth of F/OSS knows no bounds!

Three awesome Free and Open Source projects for you to check out this week:

🗓 Rallly

Rallly - Schedule group meetings
Create polls and vote to find the best day or time. A free alternative to Doodle.

Rallly (code) makes it easy to schedule group meetings and outings. It's got a considered, minimal user interface and a live demo that's easy for you to try out for yourself.

🦆 DuckDB

An in-process SQL OLAP database management system
DuckDB is an in-process SQL OLAP database management system. Simple, feature-rich, fast & open source.

DuckDB (code) is an embedded OnLine analytical Processing (OLAP) database (like SQLite, but for crunching numbers). It's MIT licensed, has great documentation, and is fast.

📜 Trac

The Trac Project

Got bugs? Trac (code) is still here to help. Trac is a wiki and issue tracking system for software projects which has stood the test of time. Trac helps you and your team get stuff done and document as you go (check out the full list of features).


There's some great variation in this week – bug triaging systems for teams, content management and embedded databases all in one go! F/OSS software truly goes just about everywhere.

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