Easy documentations means happy users and happy contributors, and Docusaurus makes documentation that is easy for users and contributors to read.

🚀 Project of the day: Docusaurus

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An optimized site generator in React. Docusaurus helps you to move fast and write content. Build documentation websites, blogs, marketing pages, and more.

Documentation is crucial to open source projects, and Docusarus (code) makes it easy for F/OSS users to get started running and contributing to F/OSS every day.

Docusaurus generates beautiful, easy to use and read documentation:

Docusaurus UI on (source:

Lowering the bar to entry and making user and contributor education easier is key to keeping the F/OSS ecosystem going – and Docusaurus delivers on that promise.

Some people have even used Docusaurus to host their own notes so they can be more easily shared with others.

If you're building a documentation site, take Docusaurus for a spin and see if if you gain from it's simple setup, stunning and easy-to-host generated sites.