Cusdis is an open source, lightweight alternative to Cusdis that's easy to use and values user privacy.

Cusdis (code) is an open source, privacy-first commenting solution that’s considered a lightweight alternative to Disqus. It’s easy to use and deploy, and easy to integrate with your existing websites. It also doesn't use cookies and doesn't track your users in any way.

Cusdis has a clean documentation page, along with plenty of opportunity to participate in discussion via comments, of course.

Cusdis - Lightweight, privacy-first, open-source comment system
Cusdis is an open-source, lightweight (~5kb gzipped), privacy-first alternative to Disqus. It’s super easy to use and integrate with your existed website

🌠 Features

  • Lightweight - the JS SDK embedded into your website is only around 5kb gzipped. Compared to Disqus (which is 24kb gzipped), it's very lightweight
Comments interface (source: https://cusdis.com/)
  • Email notifications - receive email notifications when new comments are made, and do a Quick Approve to approve the comment to be posted publicly (comments are not displayed until approved)
Email notifications (source: https://cusdis.com/)
  • Webhooks - set a Webhook URL that’s triggered when your websites have new comments
Webhook (source: https://cusdis.com/)
  • Quick approve - via the notification email and webhook, receive a temporary link to approve and reply to a new comment without having to log in to your desktop dashboard. Do everything right from your mobile device
Approve comments and reply (source: https://cusdis.com/)
  • Webhooks - set a Webhook URL that’s triggered when your websites have new comments
  • Extensible - integrate with frameworks and platforms, like Telegram, with ease. Embed Cusdis on any website using universal embed code
  • Privacy-first - Cusdis doesn’t use cookies or track your users in any way, or even require them to sign in to leave comments
  • Dark mode - built-in i18n (internationalization) dark-mode

🤖 As described by AI

(written by AI, edited by humans)

Cusdis is an open-source software solution designed to facilitate community engagement and user feedback on websites and web applications. It provides a lightweight, customizable comment and discussion system that can be easily integrated into websites, blogs, or other online platforms.

Cusdis is known for its simplicity and ease of use, allowing website owners to gather user comments, feedback, and discussions without the need for complex setups or third-party services. It offers features like user authentication, spam protection, and real-time notifications to enhance user interaction and maintain a clean and productive comment section.

Cusdis is a simple yet valuable tool for web admins and content creators looking to foster user engagement and gather insights from their audience.

👟 Getting started with Cusdis

Cusdis is built with Next.js, and self-hosting is super simple with Vercel.

You can also deploy using Docker:

docker run \
  -d \
  -e USERNAME=admin \
  -e PASSWORD=password \
  -e JWT_SECRET=ofcourseistillloveyou \
  -e DB_URL=file:/data/db.sqlite \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  -v /data:/data \

Remember to change the http://IP_ADDRESS_OR_DOMAIN to your machine host or domain.

Then visit http://IP_ADDRESS_OR_DOMAIN.

Find more details in the self-hosting docs.