🖥 Commandment

Commandment is an Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for iOS devices. It's a bit abandoned, but seems functional (and MIT licensed) -- dive in and try it out!

GitHub - cmdmnt/commandment: Open Source Apple MDM implemented in Python
Open Source Apple MDM implemented in Python. Contribute to cmdmnt/commandment development by creating an account on GitHub.

Got iOS devices to manage? Commandment has you covered.

To understand what Commandment is, you need to learn about Mobile Device Management – it's the practice of administering mobile devices (duh) but more importantly making sure policies and security amongst the devices is enforced.

Maybe you've got a rowdy teenager at home or Kevin in the business division that likes to disable security features on his phone and leave it at bars. MDM systems have you covered in both cases. You can update Kevin's security posture or lock down rambunctious youth's phone, easily with an MDM.

Is anyone still working on Commandment?

Unfortunately Commandment hasn't seen a commit since 2019, so it's a bit abandoned. While the number of issues is low (15, as of now), it's unclear how many people are using it. Most people likely opt for Mac Profile Manager instead.

That said, Commandment is F/OSS and under the hyper-liberal MIT license, so you're always free to make changes!h

If you're using Commandment and want to report in about it, get in contact with us here at AWSM F/OSS, we'd love to hear from you.