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Blades is a simple static site generator designed for easy setup and use.

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Blazing fast dead simple static site generator

Blades (code) is an extremely simple static site generator that generates HTML files from provided content using the provided templates. It uses mustache templates with minimal and obvious syntax so you can spend more time on creating your content.

Blades boasts that it’s much faster than other static site generators like Hugo and Jekyll due to zero-copy deserialization and the Ramhorns template engine.

🌠 Features

Blades plugins (source: https://getblades.org/plugins/)
  • Themes - find a list of curated Blades themes in the themes repository. You can add your own theme by cloning the repo and adding your theme as a submodule, then submitting a pull request
Blades themes (source: https://getblades.org/themes/)
  • Image gallery generation - when a page contains come picture, the gallery is created. The page of each photo in the gallery gets the following variables:
Gallery (source: https://getblades.org/templates.html)
  • CommonMark markdown with tables and footnotes for content
  • Pagination - when the pagination is available, you can use these variables in the pagination section ({{#pagination}} ... {{/pagination}}):
Pagination (source: https://getblades.org/templates.html)
  • Ancestors and breadcrumbs - when the page path is used as a section ({{#path}} ... {{/path}}), it's interpreted as a list of ancestors. This makes making breadcrumbs possible
  • Automatic sitemap, Atom and RSS feed generation

🤖 As described by AI

(written by AI, edited by humans)

Blades is a static site generator designed for a specific purpose: to generate HTML files using provided content and templates. It boasts impressive rendering speed, with the utilization of zero-copy deserialization and the Ramhorns templating engine making it potentially more than 20 times faster than other generators like Hugo.

The software prides itself on being user-friendly and easy to set up, allowing users to focus on their content creation. While Blades is limited to generating sites and doesn't include additional complex functionalities, it provides a streamlined and efficient solution for static site generation.

👟 Getting started with Blades

With the Rust toolchain installed, you can install Blades from its repository:

git clone https://github.com/grego/blades
cd blades
cargo install --path .

Once installed, you can run the executable blades with the following subcommands:

init Initialise the site in the current directory, creating the basic files and folders

build Build the site according to config, content, templates and themes in the current directory

colocate Move the assets from the “assets” directory and from the theme, if one is used, into the output directory

all Build the site and colocate the assets

lazy Build the site and (colocate assets only if the theme was switched) [default]

new Create a new page

The site can be configured in the file Blades.toml in its root directory.

Read more about getting started, pages, templates, and making plugins.