Audio Bookshelf

audiobookshelf is a server for audio books and podcasts, with great UX and packed full of features. If you're looking for somewhere to store and playback your audiobooks, your search is over.

Self-hosted audiobook and podcast server

Read a lot of audio books or listen to a lot of podcasts? Audio bookshelf (code) is built for you!

Audio Bookshelf provides a lot of features including Android and iOS apps, the ability to stream from your browser (or the apps), multiple user support and much more.

Audiobookshelf has fantastic UX polish as well:

audiobookshelf (source:

Running audiobookshelf

audiobookshelf is extremely easy to run – the docs have first-class consideration of docker environments:

docker pull

docker run -d \
  -p 13378:80 \
  -v </path/to/audiobooks>:/audiobooks \
  -v </path/to/podcasts>:/podcasts \
  -v </path/to/config>:/config \
  -v </path/to/metadata>:/metadata \
  --name audiobookshelf \

Doesn't get much easier than that! For those that are more intrested in managed packages, there are Debian and Ubuntu packages to install.